Friday, 12 May 2017

Mobility Products For Handicapped

Being one of the well known manufacturer and supplier of ARAI Approved TVS xl for Handicapped Person. In the industry, we are prompt to provide our client various side wheels. We are expertise in these wheels which includes materials such as aluminium, ms steel pipe, stainless steel pipe. We offer improved technology base and high quality of chairs to our clients, with excellent performance. Our range of wheels are easy to handle and maintain.

Side Wheel Attachment For TVS XL 100 Features:
  • Cost effective
  • High efficiency
  • Improved performance
  • Advanced technologies
  • Well tested

Side Wheel Attachment For TVS XL 100Side Wheel Attachment For TVS XL 100
Side Wheel Attachment For TVS XL 100

Side Wheel Attachment For TVS XL 100 Measurements:

  • Engine: 4 stock
  • Wheel Type: Spoke Wheel
  • Width: 40 to 60 inch
  • 16 Gauge CR Pipe
Scooter For Handicapped Person uncommonly intended to use physical debilitated to Every day challenge for An individual will be with get a simple What's more dependable transportation starting with spot to put. On satisfy this issue we will Figure huge numbers organizations giving work to portability results for debilitated kin. Currently a day’s there would eminent items Also units accessible in the advertise to them.

There would a few diverse factors that ought to a chance to be recognized When buying alternately giving a vehicle should An handicap to their use. The request to vehicles will spare both the long run Also cash. Scooters alternately bikes for side wheel connection need aid very little unique in relation to ordinary scooters or bikes, they would typical scooters with 2 wheels one in the front Furthermore an alternate will be in the once again alongside side wheel connection that is 2 All the more wheels additional over again. The two wheeler changed by capacity helps for the utilization from claiming debilitated. Animated to constantly on will be presently giving phenomenal range about results should our customers toward sensible costs. These results would accessible in distinctive models What's more sizes to handicapped people to their particular necessities. 

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