Thursday, 25 May 2017

Invalid Folding and Quadripod Walking Stick L Shape

The L shaped Quadropod is very helpful for the elderly patients who need wide base of support. The four legs provides comfort in case of the treatment of degenerative arthritis and other disabilities of hip and knee. Quadropod legs of the stick are widely flared for better balance as weight applied. It helps direct load through the arms and the walking aid, lowering the impact and static forces transmitted to the affected limbs. This walking stick is sturdy and fitted with an L shaped handle for better grip.
Walking Stick Handles

Our Price : Rs 800

Quadripod Walking Stick-
Walking Aids Offering you a complete choice of products which include Walking Aids such as Walking Stick Quadripod, Elbow Crutch Adjustable, Walking Stick Handles Walking Stick, Posterior Rollator Walker and many more items.

Invalid Quadripod Walking Stick L Shape Features:
  • Impaired balance
  • Walking Disorders 
  • Injury or disorder of spine
  • Stroke
  • Chronic osteoarthritis knee
  • Quadripods of the sticks are widely flared for greater balance as weight applied
  • Sturdy and fitted with ‘L’ shaped handle for better grip. 
  • By providing additional points of contact the walking aid provides both additional support and a wider range of stable center of gravity positioning.
A Invalid Quadripod Walking Stick L Shape to help elderly and disabled get around quickly and easily. Made of aluminium, adjustable height. Idea gift for those you love. Lightweight, compact & portable, Can be easily folded and carried conveniently. Ideal for senior citizens on the move. Buy now for lowest price online, free home delivery.
Invalid Quadripod Walking Stick L Shape
Our Price : Rs 550

Invalid New Folding Adjustable Walking Stick L Shape Features:
  • Made of aluminum
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Plastic 'L' shaped handle
  • 4 section folding
  • 5 sections adjustable height
  • Adjustable length 81 - 91 cm (32 - 36")
  • Portable
This Folding Walking Stick is actually made from very strong and highly durable powder coated steel. This strength gives this black fold up walking stick the ability to fold into four short, easily stowed sections, for compact and convenient handbag or pocket sized storage, whilst still assembling to produce a walking stick of exceptional ruggedness and reliability. This stylish and modern Folding Walking Sticks has a shaped and easy to grip handle and is height through a good range, allowing the height to be quickly and easily adjusted to suit the individual needs of the user. This stick is also available in a shorter height version which can be found in the Folding Canes our onlineshop at

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