Thursday, 4 May 2017

3 Wheels Bikes and Scooter for Handicapped

Side Wheel Attachment Hero Maestro or Side Wheels For Hero Maestro or Three wheeler Hero Maestro for handicapped is product, designed for use with bikes meant for the open road. Instead of shifting with a foot, a rider can drive easily their bike on road using his or her hand. This piece of equipment has been tested at well-known motorcycle tracks. We provides assembly and installation for all of our products at our facilities in Indore. We conduct free consultations for all prospective customers to see how we can fulfill your specific needs.

We manufacture Hero Maestro for Handicapped to fit the widest array of motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles possible. The Hero Maestro is a scooter meant for the men. It is bigger and more stylish than the Pleasure- the scooter meant for women. Its bold lines give it a very masculine and dynamic look. It competes with the Honda Activa which is the highest selling scooter in India.
Hero Maestro for Handicapped
Hero Maestro for Handicapped gets the combined braking system that triggers both brakes with pressing just the left side lever resulting in very efficient braking. The Maestro features a digital instrument cluster with trip meter, fuel gauge, odometer and service due indicator.

Side Wheel Attachment Hero Maestro Features:

  • Good Aerodynamics
  • Less Air Fuel Ratio
  • High Efficiency
  • Warranty
  • Easy Availability of Spare Parts
Side Wheel Attachment Hero Maestro Measurements :
  • Bike Type: Scooter
  • Start Type: Self
  • Engine Displacement (cc): 109
  • Maximum Torque: 9.1 Nm 5500 rpm
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (litres): 5.3
  • Gearbox Type: Automatic
Hero HF Deluxe for HandicappedSide Wheel Attachment Specially Designed for Use Physical handicapped for daily challenge for a
individual is to get an easy and reliable transportation from place to place. To fulfill this problem we will find many companies providing mobility products for handicapped people. Now a day’s there are wonderful products and devices available in the market for them.

There are several different factors that should be considered before purchasing or providing a vehicle to a handicap for their use. The inquiry for vehicles will save both time and money. Scooters or bikes with Hero HF Deluxe for Handicapped are not much different from normal scooters or bikes, they are normal scooters with 2 wheels one in the front and another is in the back along with side wheel attachment that is 2 more wheels extra in back.The two wheeler modified by ability aids for the use of handicapped. Active for All is now providing excellent range of products to our clients at reasonable prices. These products are available in different models and sizes for disabled people for their specific needs.

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