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Easy Adjustable Tripod Walking Stick, Aluminum Crutch Walk Helper

A sturdy wooden or metal shaft or walking stick used to give support and mobility during walking to a person with impaired mobility. A cane should be of an appropriate length to allow a person with an injured leg to walk with it held on the side of the noninjured leg. In walking, the person may rest his or her weight on the cane and the injured leg while moving the unaffected leg forward. To take the next step, the weight is placed on the sound leg while the injured leg and cane are moved forward. The cane should allow 25 degrees of elbow flexion.
Tripod Walking Stick
Our Price : Rs 740

Tripod Walking Stick Probably used first as a weapon, it gradually took on the symbolism of strength and power and eventually authority and social prestige. Ancient Egyptian rulers carried the symbolic staff, and in ancient Greece, some gods were represented with a staff in hand. In the Middle Ages, the long staff or walking stick was carried by pilgrims and shepherds.

Tripod Walking Stick are generally held in the hand that is opposite to the side of the injury or weakness. It allows the cane to be used for stability in a way that lets the user focus much of their weight away from their weaker side and onto the cane. This prevents the person's center of balance from swaying from side to side as they walk. It also allows for fluid movement that better matches walking, as the hand on the opposite side of the leg generally sways forward in normal human locomotion . Personal preference, or a need to hold the cane in the dominant hand means some cane users choose to hold the cane on the same side as the affected leg.

The Aluminum Crutches are made from solid, one-piece, anodized aluminum for a lightweight feel, and high-impact plastic armrests and handgrips for added durability. Fully assembled with cushions and handgrips for additional comfort. 
Our Price : Rs 1500

Product Summary

  • Lighter than wood, the standard aluminum crutch provides stability and durability
  • Double extruded center tube provides additional strength to weight-bearing area
  • Pushpin adjustment makes it easy-to-adjust crutch height in 1" increments
  • Non-skid, jumbo-size vinyl contoured tips provide excellent traction
  • Easy wing nut adjustments for hand grips
  • Comfortable, durable accessories are latex free
  • Weight Capacity 350 lbs on aluminum crutch (excluding pediatric)

A crutch, often used in pairs, transfers weight from the legs to the upper body of the user. Crutches are most often used for patients who cannot support their weight with their legs, for reasons ranging from short-term injuries to lifelong disabilities. If you’re in need of walking assistance, you’ll find affordable products below that will get you back on your feet. We carry the best crutches from the top brands (Medline, Drive, Invacare, etc.) Whether you need bariatric, lightweight, forearm, specialty, standard, or ergonomic crutches, we've got you covered.

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