Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Choosing the Right Mobility Equipment is Important for Your Health

Vissco walking stick is for to put four sturdy legs on the ground rather than just one, this Quad Base Walking Stick provides exceptional stability but with the convenience of a one-handed walking stick. Each leg of the walking stick is tipped with a non-marking, slip-resistant rubber ferrule and the ergonomically shaped handle ensures a secure grip at all times. The sticks height can be raised or lowered to suit the user’s size and posture.

Walking aids are designed to assist walking or improve the mobility of people with mobility impairment. Health Vistas provide a wide collection of wheelchairs, walking sticks, folding walkers, crutches and canes that help you stay independent. Brands like Karma Healthcare, Pedder, Rehaid and Smart Care are available in this category. Walking aids provide firm support and stability to the user while walking. Vissco Invalid U-Shape Quadripod Walking Stick helps people better balance themselves while walking. It is very useful for old age people or for those who have problem in walking. It is a small base tripod walking stick, it has a portable three legged frame which efficiently supports the body weight and enhances the stability. It looks like a traditional walking stick but with an addition stability offered by the small base. Its height can be adjusted to one s convenience. It has a grey colored plastic handle which ensures secure grip and maximum stability. This tripod is suitable for both left and right handed users.
Vissco Invalid U-Shape Quadripod Walking Stick
Our Price : Rs 638

Vissco Invalid L-shape Tripod :
  • L-shape Tripod is a portable three-legged frame, used as a platform for supporting the weight and maintaining the stability.
  • Small Base Tripod Walking Stick.
  • This height adjustable tripod walking stick has been styled like a traditional walking stick but with the additional stability of a small base.
  • The plastic molded handle provides a secure grip and is centred over the legs to provide maximum stability.
  • This small based and L shaped tripod stick is suitable for left and right handed users.

The Vissco Invalid L-shape Tripod Walking Stick  has three feet which help give you extra support when walking or standing. It offers far more stability than a standard walking stick. It is sturdy and fitting with an L shaped handle for better grip.

Canes and crutches are the simplest forms of walking aid. They are held in the hand and transmit load to the floor through a shaft .These are made of aluminum tubing or with plastic. Health Vistas offer canes and crutches that are height adjustable to suit individual requirement. Brands like Karma Healthcare, Rehaid, Scure and Pedder are available that provides comfort and firm support to user.

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