Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Aluminum Crutches With Double Folding Handle

Standard aluminum push-button crutches feature a Double extruded center tube that provides load-bearing strength where it's needed the most. The special foot piece utilizes durable rivets to secure the aluminum tubing from the inside, providing more stability than plastic connectors. Long, virtually unbreakable stair deflector helps protect against the crutch slipping on stairs and helps increase stress tolerance at all angles without cracking; non-skid rubber tips provide good traction.

Aluminum Crutches

Our Price : Rs 1500
The built-in metal ring helps prevent excessive wear and ensures maximum durability. Standard Aluminum Crutches come packaged completely accessorized with no assembly required.

Aluminum Crutches Features :
  • High-strength aluminum alloys tube
  • Both handgrip and foot height adjustable
  • Comfortable PU foam underarm pad
  • Size ; L-135-155 cm,
  • Size ; m-114-34 cm, 
  • Size ; S-95-115 cm
While traditional crutches (also referred to as underarm crutches) are supported by pads that the user secures between his or her rib cage and upper arm, forearm crutches work differently. Folding Forearm Crutches style of walking aid is used by inserting the arm into a partial cuff and taking hold of the handles that lie on the anterior side either crutch. If you struggle with mobility or balance when using an underarm variant, you may find that this style provides you with greater stability.

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