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Karma S-Ergo 105 Wheelchair with The Unique Ergonomic S-Shaped Seating System

Karman S 105 Ergonomic Wheelchair
Our Price : Rs 24990
The revolutionary Karma S-Ergo 105 is equipped with the unique ergonomic S-shaped seating system. This ergonomic S-shaped seating system, which has been developed by Karma’s very own research and development team, is the best in pressure relief  and prevent sliding. 

Overall View and Appearance:
Karma S-Ergo 105 is not just about the highest standard of quality. It is, at the same time, a very stylish wheelchair. The detachable cushion is in orange color. 

Frame, Size and Capacity:
This is made of air-craft grade aluminum alloy. It is very lightweight, at 12.5kg. The wheelchair has a new stylish oval-shaped tubes, which creates more streamlined appearance and also enhances the strength of the structure. The frame is in silver color which fits perfectly with the dark grey + orange color of the upholstery.

The wheelchair's size is pretty standard, not much different if compared to other brand of wheelchairs in the market. However, it has a lot of extra ergonomic features (such as the wider armpad, flatter footrest, s-shaped seating systems), which provide extra comfort to the wheelchair user. We will look at all these features later. You will have a choice of seat width 16" or 18", depending of the size of the wheelchair user. 18" seat width are the most common ones in Singapore and fits well with most of the people here. 

This wheelchair come with the foldable backrest feature, which means the backrest can be folded into half of the original size. This feature helps you save space and make it more convenient for you to carry around the wheelchair, especially when you need to put the wheelchair inside the car boot. 

Karma S-Ergo 105 has a maximum user capacity of 115kg. This is actually quite impressive considering most of the wheelchairs in Singapore can only support up to 100kg. 

Wheels, Castors and Tyres:
For rear wheels, you will have a choice of size 14" (attendant propel) or size 24" (self propel). Get a 24" rear wheels wheelchair if the user is fit enough to propel by himself or herself. If unsure, get the bigger 24" rear wheels one too, as it can be used as self propel wheelchair and also attendant propel wheelchair. The smaller size of 14" rear wheels wheelchair however, is lighter, save space, convenient to carry, fits into the car boot easily etc. The smaller one is easier to cruise through narrow area as well. 

The front castors are a pair of 7" solid wheels. The castor are slightly better than what you can found in other wheelchairs, but there is not a big difference. 

The tyres currently available are the puncture proof solid tyres. You do not need to refill the air in the tyres. There is no risk of puncture too. However, it will not be as comfort as the ones that using pneumatic tyres. The tyres used are better in quality and has much better grips if compared to some china wheelchairs. 

Wheel Brake and Assisted Hand Brake:
No safety issues noted on the wheel brake. The wheelchair is securely in place when both wheels are on brake. The material used are good quality (refer to the picture below). 

Karma S-Ergo 105 comes with a set of assisted hand brake. It function perfectly and fit the purpose well. With these assisted hand brake, the caregivers are able to stop the wheelchair easily. It is also important to hold the hand brake when the users is sitting on or standing up from the wheelchair. This is to prevent the wheelchair from moving or sliding away. 

Footplate, Armpad and Upholstery:
Karma S-Ergo 105 comes with a set of flip-up footrest. The footrest is made of durable plastic in black color. There are some grips on top of the footrest to prevent the users' legs from slipping off. However, the special features of this footrest is the "tube-in centre" design. Unlike any other traditional wheelchairs, the wheelchair tube connects to the centre of the footrest. This is able to assures better side support of the legs 

The armpads of the wheelchair are also ergonomically designed. The armpads are wider and its contour shape helps to provide a more comfortable support to the wheelchair users.

As for the upholstery, Karma S-Ergo 105 is the first wheelchair to attach with anti-bacterial cushions. The cushion not only provide extra comfort to the users, but at the same time protects the wheelchair from odour, staining and deterioration from bacteria, fungus and other microorganism. The cushion is removable and can be purchased separately by special order. 

Extra: S-Shape Seating Systems (Patented)
The revolutionary S-Ergo system is the world's first S-shaped ergonomic seating developed based on the ergonomic perspective: it is designed according to the body curve, and has already obtained patents in the US., European Union, and many other countries. The unique design of S-Ergo system is capable of relieving pressure, adjusting and stabilizing seating pose, and reducing downward sliding, all simultaneously. Together, these advantages greatly reduce the risk of decubitus ulcers, which makes S-Ergo system a revolutionary inventi
on in the field of ergonomics.

Extra: Ergonomic Handrim (Patented)
This wheelchair is also proudly equipped with a pair of patented ergonomic handrims. The purpose of this design is to assist the user to propel the wheelchair with ease. 

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