Thursday, 6 October 2016

Hearing Aid for Adults with Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

Siemens VITA 118 Pocket Hearing Aid
  • Net Price :Rs 2350
Hearing aids can help improve hearing and speech especially in people who have sensorineural hearing loss (hearing loss in the inner ear due to damaged hair cells or a damaged hearing nerve). A virus or bacteria, noise, injury, infection, aging, certain medicines, birth defects, tumors, problems with blood circulation or high blood pressure, and stroke can cause sensorineural hearing loss. Hearing aids are electronic, battery-operated devices that can amplify and change sound. A microphone receives the sound as sound waves. The sound waves are then converted into electrical signals.

Hearing aids can be classified into two main groups: in-the-ear (ITE) styles and behind-the-ear (BTE) styles. Within each group are several different sizes.

Taking care of hearing aids:
Pocket hearing aids need to be kept dry. Methods for cleaning Hearing Aids vary depending on the style and shape. Keep the hearing aids away from heat and moisture. Store batteries in a safe location and out of the reach of children and pets. Replace batteries on a regular basis. Avoid the use of hairspray and other hair products when the hearing aid is in place. Turn off hearing aids when they are not in use.

Siemens VITA 118 Pocket Hearing Aid
Our products range from in-the-canal hearing instruments to behind-the-ear hearing instruments. In India, we have successfully implemented a unique Hearing Care Center (HCC) concept. A Siemens authorized HCC provides complete range of hearing healthcare services to all types of hearing instruments dispensing facilities, all under one roof. Our HCCs are associated with leading ENT doctors, audiologists and hearing healthcare professionals. Siemens offers a broad range of hearing aids for every lifestyle and all configurations of hearing loss-including completely invisible, waterproof, and rechargeable hearing aids, and wireless solutions that connect hearing aids wirelessly to mobile phones, TVs, MP3 players, and other audio devices.

Siemens VITA 118 Pocket Hearing Aid Features
  • Max Power Output 132 dB SPL / Gain 65 dB 
  • High power, high gain Hearing aid 
  • High Power for Mild, Moderate & Severe Loss 
  • Sturdy and good looking housing with attractive finish. 
  • Top-mounted Omni directional electret condenser microphone for reliable operation. 
  • 3-position N-H-O Switch Siemens Hearing-aids
  • Top mounted, Omni directional electrets condenser

Pocket Hearing Aids
  • Net Price :Rs 850
POCKET MODEL HEARING AID comprise one of the most comprehensive Hearing Device lines available and are designed to fit just about any lifestyle and hearing loss, Hearing Aids Products Are Developed Using Only The Latest Hearing Technology. Whether Your Needs Are For A Compact Portable Instrument Or A Full Functioning Clinical Instrument You Are Sure To Find A Product That
Fits Your Needs. Pocket Hearing Aids Products Are Developed.

Pocket Hearing Aids Features
  • Versatile very sturdy for Moderately severe Hearing Losses 
  • Also available for AVC version.

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