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Detachable Armrests Reclining Wheelchair KM-5000

Karma Reclining Wheelchair KM-5000 F24
  • Our Price :Rs 27518
Reclining Wheelchairs are specially designed to allow a person to comfortably recline at incremental angles safely and comfortably. They provide a change in orientation by opening the seat-to-back angle and, in combination with elevating legrests, open the knee angle as well. Sometimes the armrests slide back as the seat-to-back angle opens. This promotes good posture and helps to prevent the arms from slipping when the user seeks a favorable reclining angle. Reclining Back Wheelchair( bed cum wheelchair ) which are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. These wheel chairs are manufactured using high quality material to ensure high strength and durability. Wheelchairs are available in foldable frames and are capable for maximum weight.

Reclining wheelchairs move the body from a flexed position to an extended position, making the chairs more likely to elicit a spastic response in the user. While pressure relief is the main objective to using either a tilt KM 5000 Wheelchair F24 or a recline wheelchair, each has its unique qualities that help with posture. (Even though some chairs come with both tilt and recline options, for clarity purposes, they will be addressed as two separate seating systems.)

Karma Reclining Wheelchair KM-5000 F24
Karma Healthcare KM-5000 F24 Recline Wheelchair is a highly versatile foldable aluminum transit wheelchair especially designed with a reclining backrest that allows the carrier to continuously adjust from a 90 degree sitting position to a more relaxed 163 degree resting position or any angle in between.
Entirely detachable arm-rests enable the user to transfer safely & easily. Also, the elevating and swing-away footrests allow users to adjust to the most comfortable position according to their individual requirements.

Karma Reclining Wheelchair KM-5000 F24 Features

  • Backrest reclines smoothly from 90°-163°.
  • Detachable and height-adjustable headrest.
  • Attendant brake for extra safety.
  • Detachable armrest- Easy to transfer in and out of the chair.
  • Elevating footrest- Footrest angle can be adjusted to support the user’s legs while reclining.
  • Most comfortable RECLINING WHEELCHAIR (163°).
  • Ultra-lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame.
  • Bio-technology: paint coating uses special anti-Bacterial materials.

Wheelchairs that are considered oversized are generally heavy-duty chairs. They are oversized to allow a higher weight capacity and/or features that are catered towards larger individuals. Over sized KM 8020X Wheelchair have a lower turn radius and maneuverability is also lower than the average wheelchair. Heavy duty usually refers to a chair that has weight bearing capabilities. Sometimes these chairs are referred to as Bariatric wheelchairs because of their large size or weight
Karma 8020 X Heavy Duty Wheelchair
  • Our Price :Rs 31900
bearing capabilities.

Karma 8020 X Heavy Duty Wheelchair
  • It comes with detachable swing away footrests.
  • The wheel chair has flip-back armrests.
  • It comes with centre of gravity adjustment.
  • The wheel chair has wide profile casters.
  • Seat Size 20'' inch & 22'' inch
  • Total Weight 17 K.G.

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