Friday, 30 September 2016

Bathroom Wheelchairs for Handicapped People

Bathroom wheelchairs (also known as shower wheelchairs) are designed to make hygiene maintenance easier for those who find it difficult or impossible to make it to the lavatory. These chairs typically feature an opening in the seat to allow users to toilet themselves while remaining on the chair -- and rust-resistant frames for use in the shower. Bear in mind that, when transferring your chair into the shower, you will most likely need a caregiver to assist.

Individuals who live with a severe mobility impairment and their caregivers, often benefit from the use of  as these wheelchair like devices can be used for transportation inside the home and to carry out toileting activities.

Vissco Invalid Wheelchair with Commode
Vissco Invalid Wheelchair with Commode
Our Price : Rs 10097
The differently abled, old or stroke patients might benefit from a foldable wheelchair with commode that can be used at home. It has a removable commode bucket and epoxy powder coated padded seats when used as a wheelchair. Safety belt has been provided augmented with breaks on both sides. 12 sealed bearings are used and this wheel chair has detachable leg rests.

When To Use:
  • Stroke patients Paraplegia/Quadriplegia 
  • Old age patients 
  • Handicapped/disable persons 
  • Lower limb illness/injury.

Commodes come in wheeled and non-wheeled configurations. Whereas some offer only a toilet like seat with a bucket, others also offer a cushioned lid that helps the commode double as a transport chair. These devices are clearly convenient options for many patients. However, because most commodes are constructed in steel and aluminum they are not suitable for use in the shower.

Karma commode wheelchair rainbow 7
Karma commode wheelchair rainbow 7
Our Price : Rs 6500
Karma commode wheelchair rainbow 7 comes with lot of exiting features for elderly or physically challenged person who want commode in wheelchair. Karma Rainbow 7 has single seat with center cut commode having cushion cover on top and removable Pan With Lid And Handle. Rear Wheel Lock Facility and Tyre are Solid Tube Less

Karma Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 7 Features:
  • Frame Material : M.S.Chrome Plated
  • Single Seat with center cut commode 
  • Both Option Available In Single Seat
  • Plastic Commode Seat With Pot.
  • Cushioned Top Cover
  • Round Pan Commode Pan 
  • Removable Pan

Additionally, people who live with a more advanced degree of disability, will benefit from tilting features. A tilting shower commode will be the perfect choice and a natural transition for a person who already uses an advanced, tilt wheelchair.

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