Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Adjustable Soft Cervical Collar

The soft cervical collar is constructed of foam rubber and covered with a stockinette material.  Normally, the closure is achieved with Velcro.  Depending on the patient’s pathology and body structure, your physician and/or orthotist will determine the proper height of the collar.

Firm Cervical Collar
Suffer from moderate to severe cervical pain? This Cervical Collar will helpensure feel relief from pain as soon as possible as it provides warmth and support to the neck region. It’s comfortable support stabilizes the neck and immobilizes the cervical spine restricting its flexion, extension and rotation. The cervical arch support maintains neutral alignment. This product has a special height adjustability feature making it a close to customized choice.
Vissco New Firm Cervical Collar Adjustable Heigh
  • Our Price :Rs 328

Cervical spondylitis.
Mild sprain / Stiff neck.

Vissco New Firm Cervical Collar Adjustable Height Features
Skin Friendly
Rigid Support
Adjustable Support
Ergonomic Fit

Cervical collars are useful orthotic devices in the treatment of neck injuries but, they are only a short-term means of controlling pain and preventing re-injury. The recovery process from neck injuries requires physiotherapy and other treatment options. These collars are a tool for recovery, nothing more. They are not a complete cure for any neck injuries.

Post a fracture or rib-surgery, doctors often recommend the use of a Rib Belt. It stabilizing the rib or sternum fracture by limiting the expansion of the chest through compression. It also helps support injured ribs while allowing the rib cage to expand during activities like breathing, coughing or sneezing. The cotton knitted elastic releases sweat and permits air flow making this support breathable.
Vissco Rib Belt
  • Our Price :Rs 373

Broken or Injured Ribs Rib Surgery and Post-operative support Post cardiovascular surgery.

Vissco Rib Belt Features
Skin Friendly
Easy Breathe
Soft Support

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