Friday, 12 February 2016

Portable Commode Chair India

Not every individual possesses the same fitness level. There are large numbers of people who unfortunately suffers from different sorts of ailments that hinders physical fitness argely. Apart from injuries due to ailments or accidental cases, the fitness level of every individual tends to decrease with increasing age.

Caring for an aging parent or elderly presents difficult challenges. The elderly face multiple health problems and loss of physical task. They need support because of physical and medical conditions
associated with aging, restricted mobility, improper vision, diabetes and certain other health
Portable Commode Chair
Our Price : Rs 1500
complications. Commode Chairs and other mobility products have come a long way for senior people to achieve independence. It is essential to help people become as independent as possible for doing their day-to-day activities.

Portable Commode Chair
Item Code : WCI-46
Net Price : Rs 1470
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Commode chairs are great for seniors :
  •   Have any kind of illness that causes weakness and unstable feeling.
  •   Went through surgery that causes temporary body weakness.
  •   People suffering from joint problems and weak legs that make it harder to get on and off the toilet seat.
  •  Common balance issues that make it hard to travel to the restroom safely.

Commode Chair Cut Seats
Our Price : Rs 2000
These might seem trivial to some, but actually, the bathroom is one of the most common places for elders to fall and hurt themselves and this could be easily prevented with a Portable Commode Chair India. After the age of sixty, the chance of hip fracturing is higher. Now, the chance of such an accidental fall is common in the bathrooms. However, using a chair, the risk of falling or slipping can be minimized largely. The Shower commode chair therefore helps people in using the bathroom alone without any external support. Caregivers are difficult to get always and hence it is always better to make such provisions that enable the elderly to do routine works alone.

Commode Chair Cut Seats
Item Code : WCI-127
Net Price : Rs 1960
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'MSW2365' Get 2% Discount )

It functions both as a commode and as a wheelchair as well. Therefore, apart from using them for the bathroom, people also move around from one place to another riding on them. They are made of purely waterproof materials that allow the too sick people to sit and take a shower without chances of any damage to the seat. You see, the most common reason for people to fall and trip in the bathrooms is that water and moisture make the floor slippery. Moreover, getting there can get quite difficult - so here come assertive furniture like the Commode Chair & Commode Stool, which helps to resolve both issues.

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