Friday, 26 February 2016

KM-2512 Proving Maximum Seating Comfort

Ergonomic Wheelchair features wide arm pads for extra support and a folding back rest, allowing for easy storage and transport.  Detachable swing-away footrests and a Tube-in Center foot-plate that provides extra support for the legs also come standard on this wheelchair. The frame of this chair is made with aluminum, which provides maximum strength and durability for it. The padded nylon upholstery provides great comfort to the body. The side guards of the chair are also robust. The footplates of the chair can be adjusted to maintain a good height between the chair and the floor. It also includes a leg strap for holding the feet firmly. It features a push to lock mechanism for the wheel brakes. The front casters and the back tires featured in the Ergo Wheelchair are made from polyurethane. This chair has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. It is available in multiple front rigging options and color choices.

Karma S Ergo 305 Wheelchair:

The Karma S Ergo 305 Wheelchair weighs only 13 kg, has a 115 kg weight capacity and is available in 16" and 18" seat widths. With wheels and footrest removed this chair weighs 10 kg.

  • MRP :Rs 38242
  • Our Price :Rs 28500
  • Net Price :Rs 27930( Apply Coupon Code 'MSW2365' Get 2% Discount )

Karma S Ergo 305 Wheelchair
  • Our Price :Rs 28500
Karma S Ergo 305 Wheelchair Features:
  • Only 10 kg. (w/ wheels & footrests removed)
  • Folding backrest, for transporting chair in car, bus, trips, etc.
  • Swing in & away footrest for maximum safety while entering or exiting the chair
  • 24" Quick Release rear spoke/polyurethane/high profile/flat free wheels & 7×1" front casters
  • Seat Width: 18"x 17" OR 16" x 17"
  • Upholstery: Silver/Black mesh AEIGIS back and seat cushion
  • Height Adjustable Armrest

Karma KM 2512 Ergo Lite 2 Wheelchair:
STURDY DESIGN with double bracing that can withstand weights of up to 100 kg. The Ergo Lite 2 has basic functions of the Ergo Lite but is upgraded with 20" rear-wheel options and detachable footrest.

Ergo Lite 2 Wheelchair weighs only 7.8 kg with ergo design, proving maximum seating comfort and preventing the user from slipping off. The easy-to-go feature enables to put the wheelchair into a car without extra effort. With the Ergo Lite transit wheelchair can now enjoy outdoor life to the max. The Ergo Lite is an ultra lightweight wheelchair that weighs 8.5 kg. This model is ideal for those who need a simple, lightweight wheelchair for short trips. Equipped with Karma’s unique S-Ergo seating system, the compact design helps small attendants. Ergo Lite is ultra-light at merely 8.5 kg, it is strong and safe.
Karma KM 2512 Ergo Lite 2 Wheelchair
  • Our Price :Rs 28000

  • MRP :Rs 36000
  • Our Price :Rs 28000
  • Net Price :Rs 27440
  • ( Apply Coupon Code 'MSW2365' Get 2% Discount )

Karma KM 2512 Ergo Lite 2 Wheelchair Features:

  • Ergo Lite 2 Wheelchair system provides pressure relief, stabilization and reduces sliding
  • The three-stage brake system allows attendants to keep the wheelchair at a standstill without bending over.
  • Foldable backrest and frame for effortless storage and transportation.
  • The armrest is designed to allow the user to get closer to desk-tops.

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