Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Finding your Perfect Fit Power chair

Power wheelchair
Sometimes we dream about the perfect game, the perfect day, or the perfect activity. Whether its a no-hitter, a lazy afternoon in the sun, or explorling a small town, some things should be a perfect fit. Your wheelchair should be no different. With so many different options when buying wheelchairs, how do you know when you find the perfect fit? Wheelchairs can be fickle, but we’re here to make it simple. Here are some things to consider if you’re looking to find the perfect Powered Wheelchairs for you!

To measure the seat width, measure the person’s hips from one end to the other. Once measured, add two inches. You want to make sure that there is some breathing room but not too much space. To measure the depth, measure from the back of the hips to the back of knee. Then subtract one inch. This will allow you to sit comfortably without the seat always hitting the back of your knees.

There are two arm lengths for wheelchairs: full-length and desk length. Full-length allows for more stability with people who constantly rise and sit. Desk length provides more comfort for those who will be sitting at a desk for an extended period of time. Arm chair height can be determined while seated by measuring from the elbow to the seat of the chair. It’s always best to have height adjustable arms in case preferences change.

Elevated leg rests are suggested for people with edema, injuries or swelling. Leg rests on most wheelchairs lock to prevent excessive movement. The Power Standing Wheelchair correct fit can be found by measuring from the back of the knee to the heel of the foot.

Backrests can be subjective. Depending on your height, your back rest should reach to your collarbone. There are back rests that are shorter for those desiring more movement. There are also higher backed chairs that for people that need additional back support.

Different wheelchairs are rated for weight capacity. Make sure you know the person’s weight when you select a wheel chair. Remember that certain people are more mobile than others. Choosing a lighter weight chair that suits their upper body strength is important.

Conqueror RS2 Power wheelchair
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