Monday, 15 February 2016

Extra Support And Folding Back Ergonomic Wheelchair

Ergonomic Wheelchair features wide arm pads for extra support and a folding back rest, allowing for easy storage and transport.  Detachable swing-away footrests and a Tube-in Center foot-plate that provides extra support for the legs also come standard on this wheelchair. The frame of this chair is made with aluminum, which provides maximum strength and durability for it. The padded nylon upholstery provides great comfort to the body. The side guards of the chair are also robust. The footplates of the chair can be adjusted to maintain a good height between the chair and the floor. It also includes a leg strap for holding the feet firmly. It features a push to lock mechanism for the wheel brakes. The front casters and the back tires featured in the chair are made from polyurethane. Ergonomic Wheelchair has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. It is available in multiple front rigging options and color choices.

Karma Wheelchair KM 7501:
Karma Healthcare KM 7501 Pediatric Wheelchair is a manual wheelchair for children. It’s ergonomically antelope horn-shaped handle makes it easy to steer and push the chair, and vertical footrest allow legs to be placed in the correct position. One-piece footplate increases stability. The wheelchair has a great look with a bright color and modern style.

  • MRP :Rs 31443
  • Our Price :Rs 21000
  • Net Price :Rs 20580( Apply Coupon Code 'MSW2365' Get 2% Discount )
Karma Wheelchair KM 7501
  • Our Price :Rs 21000

Karma Healthcare Wheelchair KM 7501 Features:
  • Karma Healthcare Wheelchair KM-7501 Pediatric Wheelchair offers here-we-go handle
  • Caring footrest
  • Seat width: 11" or 13.5"
  • Ultra lightweight and compact
  • Outward extended front wheels
  • 6" solid caster and 14" solid rear wheel
  • Maximum user weight: 60 Kg
  • One Year Warranty

Karman S Shaped Ergonomic Wheelchair is an exceptionally lightweight yet still durable wheelchair, having successfully completed several crash tests, and is one of the lightest crash tested wheelchairs available. Furthermore, the innovative Aegis microbe shielded upholstery protects the user from staining, odor and deterioration from bacteria, fungus and other microbes, thus enhancing the chair's longevity and ease of maintenance. Other striking features include the ergonomically designed S-Ergo seat that offers both excellent pressure distribution, to help prevent pressure sores, and postural support.

  • MRP  Rs 30897
  • Our Price :Rs 24990
  • Net Price :Rs 24491( Apply Coupon Code 'MSW2365' Get 2% Discount )

Karma S Ergo 105 Wheelchair:

Karma S Ergo 105 Wheelchair Features:
Karma S Ergo 105 Wheelchair
  • Our Price :Rs 24990
  • High strength, weighs only 12.2 kg. (w/ footrests)
  • ¼" thick removable Aegis Anti-Bacterial Upholstery, machine washable / dryable
  • “Tube-in Center” footplate, assures better side leg support
  • Fixed Footrests
  • Pouch for carrying small items attached to upholstery behind backrest
  • 7"x1" Polyurethane front caster
  • 24' Rear polyurethane, high profile, flat free wheels
  • S-Style Ergonomic Seat
  • Folding backrest/ folding seat for transporting vehicle or travel
  • Fixed armrest with wider concaved armpads
  • Extending push to lock manual brakes
  • Frame Color: Pearl Silver & Rose Red
  • Upholstery: Silver Aegis over Black Breathable Mesh bottom
  • Weight Capacity of 115 kg.
  • Seat Width: 16"x 17" or 18"x 17"

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