Monday, 8 February 2016

Best Walking Cane

Best Walking Cane
  • Cane Starting Price:Rs500
Walking Aids For Disabled come in many Types, shapes and sizes, and can be sought by collectors. Some kinds of Disabled Aids may be used by people with disabilities as a crutch. The Walking Sticks and Canes has also historically been known to be used as a defensive or offensive weapon. Canes and Walking Sticks is a device used by many people to facilitate walking, for fashion, or for defensive reasons. "Cane (walking stick)" redirects here. For The Elderly use as a mobility aid, see Assistive Daily Living Aids.

Walking Canes
Karma Walking Stick WS 121
10/5 Section Height Adjustable Walking Cane
Adjustable length: 68.5-91.3cm/ 81-91cm
Ergonomic Plastic Handle/Wooden Handle
4 Section Folding

Tripod Walking Cane
Aluminum tubing with steel welded low base
Tripod Cane For Comfortable hand grip
Height adjustable: 71.5-94.3cm
Base size: 18-22cm

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