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Bariatric Commode Chair

Bedside commodes are toilets without running water. Typically, bedside commodes have toilet seats with buckets beneath them. The bucket is removed after use, cleaned and returned to the commode. A bedside commode is an important item to have when a loved one is unable to use a normal bathroom. Bedside Commodes are typically made of materials that are easy to clean and sanitize, they might need to be cleaned several times a day.

Shower Commode Chair
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If you or any of your loved ones is weak on their feet, a portable bedside commode can become very useful. Bedside commodes resemble a chair with a toilet lid and seat. A bedside commode has a suspended bucket underneath the lid which catches the waste. Bariatric Commode Chair commodes allow the patient to use toilet when walking to the bathroom is not possible. There are many styles of bedside commodes available. Choosing the right model requires knowing how & where the commode will be used.

Shower Commode Chair
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The first consideration is to figure out how the commode chair will be used. Will it be used next to a bed to reduce trips to and from the bathroom? Will it be used as the transportation to and from the bathroom? Is a taller toilet seat needed to make using the existing bathroom toilet easier? The main factors to consider before choosing the right model are:

Commode Placement: Most bedside commodes are used in the bedroom so portability isn't very important. Some commode models also come with attached wheels making them much easier to transport to different rooms. Some models also come with collapsible frames which can be easily stored between uses. Hence, selecting a model that can meet these needs is important.

Other Uses: Certain bedside commode models can also double as shower seats, dressing chairs, or an elevated seat. Think about potential other uses before choosing the commode model.
Commode Chair Folding
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There are many different types of bedside commodes designed to suit different people with different medical issues. Main types of bedside commodes are:

Bedside commode chair: Commode chairs are stand-alone bedside commodes and are also referred to as basic bedside commode chair.

Bariatric commode: Bariatric Commodes are designed to support people who weigh over 300 pounds. The increased weight capacity is required for heavy weight adults.

Commode Chair Folding
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Over-the-toilet commodes: Over-the-toilet Commode Chair Folding are designed to fit over the existing toilet in the bathroom. Many commode chairs feature a removable bucket so the chair can be used as a bedside commode with the bucket, or as an over the toilet commode when the bucket is removed.

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