Thursday, 10 December 2015

Power Wheelchairs & Manual Wheelchairs

The largest power wheelchair and manual wheelchairs accessible dealer in the Southwest From small, maneuverable wheelchairs that will fit in your apartment, to heavy duty power chairs, we'll get you where you want to go in style and comfort. Ability Center is one of only eight authorized U.S. wheelchair dealers to provide orthodic ergonomic seating, custom modeled and molded, and form Best Power Wheelchair fitted to your body to provide you with the most comfortable ride ever.

Power Wheelchairs-
Power wheelchairs are the perfect choice for easily maneuvering indoors. A power chair plugs in for an overnight recharge, feature four or six wheels for stability and safety, and are adjustable for your riding comfort. Ability Center features quality brands of electric wheelchairs from Invacare, Kirshall and Permobil with styles, sizes, options, and wheelchair accessories to create a mobility device to meet your mobility and lifestyle needs.

Travel more safely in your handicap van or wheelchair accessible vehicle with the right wheelchair. From small maneuverable wheelchairs that will fit in your apartment or home, to heavy duty power chairs with power seating, we can get you where you want to go. Because we also Powered Wheelchairs For Sale a full range of wheelchair vans and handicap accessible vehicles with lifts, we are able to insure compatibility between your mobility equipment and accessible van conversion every time! Ask your Mobility Consultant for training and demonstration on properly securing your wheelchair.

Manual Wheelchairs-
Compact and tightly folding designs make it possible for your manual wheelchair to fit into tiny car trunks and even overhead bins on airplanes, while providing a rigid frame performance creating stability and better handling. Adjustable wheelchairs and folding wheelchairs are especially suited to active users, including athletes.

If your child is still growing, save the cost of buying a new manual wheelchair as they grow, and purchase a Growth Kit that provides a new wheelchair frame which includes upholstery and footrest, at an affordable price. It's a real life saver. Many insurance companies are willing to pay for this wheelchair growth kit. Our special customization capabilities provide a molded fit for your seat which allows all day comfort.

Stand-Up Wheelchairs-
Get the comfort and handling of a high performance power wheelchair that stands up. With the press of a button, you can change the seat angle and be in an upright standing position, easily and comfortably. A Power Wheelchair Manufacturers is a great elevator for wheelchair users up to 265 pounds body weight, whose muscles will not support them enough to stand up. Standing wheel chairs often work best for disabled individuals whose finger and arm control is sufficient at least one side, as often is with paraplegia, quadriplegia, muscular dystrophy, or cerebral palsy.

These motorized vertical wheelchairs offer virtually infinite standing positions, and help improve your health through increased circulation. There is no jerking motion while raising or lowering this Stand Up Wheelchair, which reduces stress on sensitive body parts. The quite motor will not draw attention in a classroom or a conference room. Think of all of the Benefits: not needing a separate standing frame, space saving, less dependence on caregiver, goes with you when you travel, and best of all can stand in the wheelchair as often and as short/long as you decide.

Note: all wheelchairs are available at all Over India locations.

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