Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Folding Commode Chair VS Folding Commode Stool

Commode Chair Folding
Net Price:Rs 2352
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People who are suffering from severe injuries and accidents will find this commode chair as the best Disabled Toilet . It can be used in home as well as in hospitals. It is specially designed to provide comfort and convenience in lavatory activities to disabled and aged people.offers the best medical equipment and a wide range of rehabilitation products which makes your life easy and convenient.
If your loved one finds it difficult to make it to the bathroom, or if he or she needs more support for using the toilet, a commode can provide the extra assistance and safety needed. A commode can be used as a stand-alone toilet in the bedroom or as a support system over a standard toilet in the bathroom.

This Commode Chair is specially designed for old aged people or who has some sort of Disabled Toilet Seat to help and encourage them in toilet activities. The Commode Chair has adjustable height which gives comfort to the people who have a problem in squatting due to their back and knee pains. A commode stool is most essential and necessary equipment in a household where old age citizens reside. Elderly people usually are suffering from joint aches, and face difficulties in using Indian style toilets. This commode stool is specially designed for that kind of people.

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