Saturday, 12 September 2015

Designed Karma Ergo Lite 2501 Wheelchair For Patients

Ergonomically designed wheelchair not only for the patients but also for the assistants, both of them are considered users of this wheelchair. Wheel Care has been designed to prevent work injury to the assistants by redesigned the handle, seat, hanger, rear pedals and front pedals, make them adjustable and easier to use. Tube-shaped structure allows the users to install extensional gears depends on the different needs. Ergonomic Wheelchairs with a body contouring S-Shaped seat frame and contoured armrests provides the user with all day comfort and ultimate mobility. And since this wheelchair is designed around the human body, less likely to need a seat cushion or other device to help make the wheelchair more comfortable. Pediatric Wheelchair KM 7501 is really about using bodies safely and efficiently, in a way which doesn't strain the tissues. A way which is comfortable, While working, cooking, driving, creating or other work.

Karma Wheelchair KM 7501:
Karma Wheelchair KM 7501
Karma Wheelchair KM 7501Net Price :Rs 20580

Karma Healthcare KM 7501 Pediatric Wheelchair is a manual wheelchair for children. It’s ergonomically antelope horn-shaped handle makes it easy to steer and push the chair, and vertical footrest allow legs to be placed in the correct position. One-piece footplate increases stability. The wheelchair has a great look with a bright color and modern style.

Karma Healthcare Wheelchair KM 7501 Features:
  • Karma Healthcare Wheelchair KM-7501 Pediatric Wheelchair offers here-we-go handle
  • Caring footrest
  • Seat width: 11" or 13.5"
  • Ultra lightweight and compact
  • Outward extended front wheels
  • 6" solid caster and 14" solid rear wheel
  • Maximum user weight: 60 Kg
  • One Year Warranty

Karma Wheelchair KM 7501 Measurements:
  • Width 11" 13.5"
  • Front/Rear Wheels 6" to 14" 6" to 14"
  • Seat Width 28 cm 34 cm
  • Seat Depth 30 cm 30 cm
  • Overall Width 45 cm 51 cm
  • Overall Collapsed Width 34 cm 34 cm
  • Armrest Height 18 cm 18 cm
  • Overall Length 70 W 70 W
  • Seat Height 39 cm 39 cm
  • Backrest Height 36 cm 36 cm
  • Overall Height 102 cm 102 cm
  • Weight 9.3 kg 9.3 kg

Karma Ergo Lite 2501 Wheelchair:
The extremely lightweight Ergo Lite 2501 Transport Wheelchair weighs only 8.16 kg. and features an ergonomically-designed seat and backrest, making it one of the most comfortable transport chairs on the market. The folding seat and backrest make the Karma Ergolite Km-2501 ideal for storage or travel, and the built in AEGIS anti-bacterial cushion provides added comfort and support.

Despite its light weight, the S-Ergo features a 115 kg. weight capacity along with large, 14" flat-free polyurethane rear tires.

Karma Ergo Lite 2501 Wheelchair Features:
Karma Ergo Lite 2501 Wheelchair
Karma Ergo Lite 2501 WheelchairNet Price :Rs 24472

  • Lightest transporter on the market!
  • Patented S-Style Ergonomic Seat Frame
  • 6061 T-6 Aircraft-grade Aluminum Only 18 lb . (w/ footrests)
  • Built in Silver Aegis Anti-bacterial Cushion
  • Fixed Armrests w/Concaved Armpads
  • Pocket Behind Backrest & Small Carry Pouch on Each Armrest
  • 6" x 1" Polyurethane Front Casters
  • 16" x 17" or 18" x 17" Seat Width
  • S-Style Ergonomic Seat
  • 14” Rear Polyurethane, High Tread, Flat Free Wheels
  • 3-Stage handle brake: allows light to firm grip for lock
  • Folding Backrest/ Folding Seat for Transporting in Vehicle or Travel
  • Fixed Footrests w/ Extra Wide Footplates
  • Frame Color: Pearl Silver
  • Weight Capacity of 100 kg
  • Ergonomic Transporter w/ handle brakes

Karma Ergo Lite 2501 Wheelchair Measurements:
  • Seat Width 16 inch., 18 inch.
  • Seat Depth 17 inch.
  • Armrest Height 8 inch.
  • Seat Height 19 inch.
  • Back Height 17 inch.
  • Overall Height 36 inch.
  • Overall Open Width 23 inch., 25 inch.
  • Folded Width 12 inch.
  • Overall Length 39 inch.
  • Weight Without Riggings 8 kg.
  • Weight Cap 100 kg.
  • Shipping Dimensions 35" L x 30" H x 12" W

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