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Tens Physiotherapy Machine for Nerve Stimulation

Our Price:Rs3500
Tens Physiotherapy Machine for BLD TENS 250
BLD T250 Stimulator TENS is a portable electrotherapy device used for self pain management. It is a 2 Channel Electrical Stimulator TENS. It is the most generic, powerful and easy TENS approach for acute pain relief.

Tens Stimulator BLD TENS 250 Ideal for :
US FDA 510(k) cleared.
Symptomatic relief of chronic and intractable pain.
Results in overall reduction of pain.
2 Channel TENS Stimulator.
Portable socket model.
Low battery indicator.
Portable handheld electrotherapy device.
Belt clip to hang.
Easy to operate.
Sliding front panel.
Versatile device for muscle stimulation.

BLD TENS 250 Technical Specifications :
Main power supply - 230 Vac, 50-60Hz, ±10%- 115 Vac, 50-60 Hz*, ±10%
Channels - 2
Electrodes - 4
Waveform - Asymmetrical Biphasic Square Wave
Three selectable modes - Conventional, Burst, Modulation.
Adjustable Frequency - 2 to 150 Hz
Adjustable pulse width - 40μs to 260μs
Output Voltage - 0–48V Peak-to-Peak
Treatment Time - 30, 60 Min & Continuous
Electrical Type - TYPE BF
Power - 9 V DC

BLD TENS 250 Special Features :
Insolated Dual Channel.
Low Battery Indicator.
Belt Clip to Hang.
LCD Display.
Can be operated via battery/adapter.
1 Year Standard Warranty.

BLD TENS 250 Item Code and Price :
Item Code: WCI-159
Net Price: Rs 3430( Use Coupon Code 'MSW2365' )

BLD TENS 250 Ordering Information :
Part Number with Accessories -
  • VL4545 -  Self Adhesive Electrode
  • 2000120 - BLD T250
  • 2000420-004 - Generic TENS Lead Wire
  • 6LR61/6F22 - 9V Battery
  • 44811TN001 - Instruction manual
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