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TENS Machine For Pain Relief

CPM - Combi Flex
CPM - Combi Flex

CPM - Combi Flex

Our Price: Rs 104000
CPM is one of the primary methods for decreasing the deleterious effects of immobilization and can deliver orthopedic, neurological, and even circulatory benefits to the patient. Immobilization, in turn, can create deleterious sequel of physiological and functional impairments. TENS initiates pain relief during the process of rehabilitation for better results.

Tens Pain Relief CPM Ideal for :
Electronic Stimulation (TENS) to relieve pain.
TENS initiates pain relief during the process of rehabilitation for better results.
Prevent joint stiffness.
Maintain and improve range of motion.
Reduces post operative pain.
Prevent intra-articular adhesions and extra-articular contractures.

CPM – Combi Flex Technical Specifications :
  1. Main power supply - 230 Vac, 50-60Hz, ±10%- 115 Vac, 50-60 Hz*, ±10%
  2. Waveform - TENS (Symm. biphasic Square)
  3. Extension Angle - Adjustable from 0° to 110°
  4. Flexion Angle - Adjustable from 10° to 120°
  5. Hold Time - Adjustable from 0 to 10 sec.
  6. Intensity - Adjustable from 0 to 50
  7. Pulse Rate - 50 Hz & 150 Hz
  8. Pulse Width - 200 µS & 250 µS
  9. Output Voltage - 40 Vpp@ 500Ω Resistive Load
  10. Treatment Time - Adjustable from 1-60 min

CPM – Combi Flex - Ultrasound Technical Specifications :
  1. Accessories Part Number
  2. Foot rest Seat : 43601FB002
  3. Thai rest Seat : 43601TB003
  4. Lead Electrode Wire - 4460136B40
  5. Adhesive Electrode Self - Vl4545
  6. Instruction Manual - 428CPMPRO01
  7. Warranty Card - 4481190001

CPM – Combi Flex Special Features :
  1. Matrix LCD Display
  2. Hand held remote control
  3. Adjustable Calf Length Range
  4. Ergonomic design
  5. 1 Year Standard Warranty
  6. 45-minute battery back-up

CPM – Combi Flex Special Price and Item code:
  • Item Code: WCI-148
  • Our Price: Rs 104000
  • Net Price: Rs 101920( Use Coupon Code 'MSW2365' )

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