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Portable Electrotherapy Device For Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy Relaxi TNS -
Relaxi TNS
Relaxi TNS
Our Price:Rs18250
The Portable Electro-Therapy device (CES and TENS Stimulator) provides dual therapy to tackle pain and stress through two medically proven waveforms TENS and CES. TENS Stimulator is used for symptomatic relief and management of chronic intractable pain. CES is used for treatment of insomnia, depression, stress management and anxiety.

Electrotherapy Relaxi Tns Machine Ideal for :
Electronic Stimulation (TENS Stimulator) to relieve pain.
US FDA cleared device.
Advanced treatment of Insomnia and depression.
Pain Management equipment.
Adjunctive treatment of post-traumatic and post-surgical acute pain.
Provides sleep disorder treatment.

Electrotherapy Relaxi TNS Technical Specifications:
  • Main power supply - 230 Vac, 50-60Hz, ±10%- 115 Vac, 50-60 Hz*, ±10%
  • No. of channels - Three through two outputs
  • Treatment Time - Selectable from 0 to 60 minute
  • Power Source - 90-250 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Waveform - Asymmetrical Biphasic square wave
  • Out put Voltage - 110Vp @ 1 kilo ohm load
  • Pulse width - Selectable from 100μS to 250 μS
  • Pulse rate - Selectable from 1 to 150 Hz
  • Waveform - Symmetrical Biphasic square wave
  • Out put Voltage - 15Vp @ 500 ohm load
  • Pulse width - 500μS fixed
  • Pulse rate - 100 Hz fixed

Electrotherapy Relaxi TNS Special Features:
  • Blue 7 Segment Display.
  • Portable, light & table top model.
  • Simultaneous treatment of Pain & Stress.

Electrotherapy Relaxi TNS Ordering Information:
Accessories with Part Number -
  1. Adhesive Electrodes- VL4545
  2. Lead Wire- 2000440-004
  3. AC Cord- 4280901223
  4. Instruction Manual

Electrotherapy Relaxi TNS Price and Item Code:
Item Code: WCI-160
MRP: Rs 19250
Our Price: Rs 18250
Net Price:Rs17885( Apply Coupon Code 'MSW2365' Get 2% Discount )

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