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Lightweight Folding Recline Wheelchairs

Reclining Wheelchairs are specially designed to allow a person to comfortably recline at incremental angles safely and comfortably. Typically used for accommodation of severe hip extension contractures, orthostatic hypotension, and pressure re-distribution for prevention of skin breakdown. Recliner Wheelchairs work better with Elevating Legrests (ELRs); the user's legs and feet can also be re-positioned for maximum comfort and health benefits.  The “ELRs” are optional on some models and standard on others.  Be sure to ask about which type of ELR is best suitable for seating and position needs. A reclining seating system can be useful in a lot of ways. They are typically easier to adjust than tilt-in-space systems. It can also be easier to transfer someone into and out of a reclining chair. In addition, if the person using the chair uses a tray or something similar for work, eating or therapy, a Reclining Wheelchair will allow them to shift position without disturbing their setup.

Reclining Wheelchair 902 GC:
Reclining Wheelchair 902 GC is one of the basic models of a Reclining Wheelchair which helps transfer to bed to wheelchair easily and comes with head and neck support  and Calf support for added comfort.

Reclining Wheelchair 902 GC
Reclining Wheelchair 902 GC
Net Price:Rs8722

Reclining Wheelchair 902 GC Features:
  • The chair boast of movable armrest and elevating footrest.
  • A well padded thigh support helps the user thigh's during reclining.
  • The front and the rear wheels are designed and placed in such a way so as to support the users weight during reclining.
  • The Pneumatic rear wheels help the movement of the chair on any surface.

Reclining Wheelchair 902 GC Measurements:
  • Frame Style : Foldable
  • Frame Material : MS Chrome Plated
  • open position wheel  to wheel width in : 26” (inches)
  • Seat Width : 18” (inches)
  • Total width in closing position : 11” (inches)
  • Rear Wheel Size : 24” (inches)
  • Front Wheel Size : 8” (inches)
  • Seat to Floor Height in : 19” (inches)
  • Seat Depth : 18” (inches)
  • Total Height : 50” (inches)
  • Max User Weight Capacity : 110 Kg
  • Net Weight : 23 Kg
  • Upholstery : Rexine
  • Armrest : Detachable
  • Leg rest : Detachable with elevated footrest
  • Calf support for added comfort
  • Wheel Quality : Rear Solid wheels
  • Rear Wheel Lock : Yes
  • Hand Brakes : No
  • Drop back Handle : No
  • Headrest Support Available
  • Neck Support Available 
  • Easy Transfer To Bed to wheelchair.
  • Reclining High Back
  • Movable Armrest
  • Elevating Footrest

A Folding Wheelchair is easier to handle than a rigid frame or a standard power chair. Removing accessories such as the leg rests, arm rests, and quick release wheels (if available) makes the wheelchair lighter and easier to lift.

Folding Wheelchair
Folding Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs5684

Foldable wheelchairs have an advantage over rigid wheelchairs in that they allow to fold the chair into a portable and compact shape. It really depends on what are looking for, Light folding wheelchairs are tailored for people that are looking for compact ability, this represents their way of life, as they will use the chair and store it in their car or storage space. These type of users need to have a foldable frame that is easy to prop open and close.

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