Monday, 30 March 2015

Ergo 105 Self-Propel Wheelchair

Ergo 105 is a self-propel wheelchair that promotes independence in the user and built with an aluminium frame, it makes the wheelchair lightweight and easy to manoeuvre; and can also be stored simply if it needs to be transported.

Karma Ergo 105  is equipped with the worlds first innovative S-Ergo System, designed according to the body curve that evenly distribute user weight, greatly reduce users pressure and stabilize sitting position. It minimizes the potential of developing pressure ulcer and scoliosis.S-ergo 105 equipped with Karmas patent S-ergo system designed keeping in mind the body curve, distributes user weight evenly thus greatly reducing users pressure in addition also stabilizes sitting position which reduces sliding and almost eliminates chances of developing pressure or decubitus ulcers.  The wide armrest is ergonomic with an arm pad which is designed to offer maximum elbow support ensuring comfort.
Net Price:Rs21551

  • S-Ergo system provides pressure relief
  • S-Ergo system provides stabilization & reduced sliding
  • Easy 2 new style armrest: easy to flip-back and adjust its height
  • Patented footrest design swings inward & outward
  • Stylish fender protects you from the rear wheels
  • Modular design with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Reduces maintenance cost and total weight of the chair
Ergonomic Lightweight Wheelchair is S-shape Seating System provides: Pressure relief, stabilization, anti-slippage, removable upholstery is equipped with AEGIS Microbe Shield,anti-biotic technology,  Compact, Wider Arm Pad Provide Comfort Support/ Folding Backrests, International Patents.The folding seat and backrest make the S-Ergo ideal for storage or travel, and the built in AEGIS anti-bacterial cushion provides added comfort and support.

Lightweight  Ergonomic chair has swing-away footrests standard with elevating legrests as an optional upgrade and "tube-in center" footplate that assures better side leg support.  The backrest easily folds for transportation and storage and it also features a pouch for carrying small items.  

Net Price:Rs25382
Pressure relief, stabilization, and anti-slippage
Upholstery is equipped with AEGIS anti-biotic technology, odor/stain/deterioration control
Wide arm pad provides comfort/support
Fixed armrests, swing-away footrests
Product Type: Ultra lightweight wheelchair

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