Sunday, 19 October 2014

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair Built For Outdoor Use

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs  : Built for outdoor use, these powerchair can handle almost any surface you'll likely encounter on a daily basis. Heavy duty powerchairs have rear, front and mid wheel drive options, larger wheels and are designed to provide a smooth ride over rough terrain and up some inclines. Larger motors and longer frames allow and increase of torque over standard power wheelchairs.

Free delivery is standard with every powerchair purchase. offers a host of accessories for your

Karma KP 10-3 Power Wheelchair

  : wheelchair ramps that'll help you climb stairs, power wheelchair cover which provides protection from the elements, wheelchair bags to store your belongs and wheelchair lifts to transport your chair, wheelchair batteries to provide power.

Also, we've got a full selection of shower buddy, adult diapers and lift chairs.

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